Marketing Services

Marketing Consulting
Get practical solutions that will drive sales without breaking your budget! At O'Connell Meier we've found that the best ideas come from careful strategic analysis.

Whether you need an integrated marketing plan, an audit of your current marketing efforts, or strategic direction for your in-house team, O'Connell Meier can provide the support you need.

Project Management
If you've been trying to come up with ways to clone yourself, look no further! O'Connell Meier can take some of the weight off your shoulders (and some of the stacks off your desk) by taking over day to day management of your promotional campaign. We'll handle everything from scheduling to vendor negotiations to tracking down missing program details.

You'll be free to focus on what counts: the content of your pieces. And to make that easier, we'll proof every piece before it comes to you. We'll even make the photocopies you need to distribute proofs to all reviewers. In short, we understand how busy you are. All of our systems are designed with your needs in mind! Best of all, this high level of service is INCLUDED in our estimates.

Promotional Planning
Whether you're promoting your organization, planning a new campaign for an existing service, or launching a new product, you'll need a comprehensive promotional plan. O'Connell Meier can help! We'll map out a strategy designed to increase your sales in the most cost-effective way possible. Then, we'll outline all the costs involved in a concise, easy-to-follow grid. Budgeting has never been this easy... and you'll find that the up-front planning pays off in dozens of other time -- and money -- saving ways too.

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